Antiquities discovered in Norton Northamptonshire

Cyclops Media


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Republican (280 41BC)

Imperial (49 27BC)

Julio Claudian Dynasty (27BC 69AD)

Flavian Dynasty (69 96AD)

Adoptive Emperors (96 138AD)

The Antonines (138 193AD)

The Severan Dynasty (193 235AD)

Military Anarchy (235 270AD)

Gallic Empire (259 273AD)

The Illyrian Emperors (270 285AD)

The Tetrarchy (285 307AD)

The House of Constantine (307 350AD)

Late period of the Empire (350 - C450AD)


Roman bronze mount
Circa 43-410 AD


Celtic Gold Quarter
1st century BC

Medieval bronze candle holder
Circa 1300 AD


Roman nail cleaner
50-200 AD