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Neighbourhood Watch


101 is the number for all non-emergency calls to Northamptonshire Police.

However, as a member of Neighbourhood Watch , you should dial 01604 432436 to report any activity which arouses concern or seems to you to be questionable. This is the dedicated Neighbourhood Watch line.

999 is the number to dial in an emergency, when a life is at risk, or a crime is in progress.

Our PCSO is Kev Thompson. He is a member of the Daventry Rural South Safer Community Team and covers the Weedon Beat which consists of 15 villages, from Onley and Barby to Flore, Stowe-IX-Churches and Farthingstone, including Norton.


Fraudsters are able to capture information from your cards even when they are in your wallet in your pocket or bag. They can do this without your knowledge whilst walking by you as you sit or stand in a public place, by using a hand held gadget. Your card can then be cloned.

Full details of this sort of activity can be found by logging on to:  

This threat can be averted by wrapping any card with the Wi-Fi symbol in aluminium foil; or by purchasing an appropriate RFID Blocking Card Protector. These can be obtained from Amazon or from


This is not a weather warning! In this instance it refers to "In Case of Emergency". Police and Ambulance workers often find that in attending an emergency they have no means of knowing who they ought to contact to let family or friends know that their relative or friend has been taken to hospital. They have strongly recommended that each of us adds a name and contact number to our mobile phones under the heading ICE.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH has received funding from the National Lottery to set up a scheme to help carers and people with dementia who have got lost. This involves local volunteers with a mobile phone signing up to the Neighbourhood Return.

Carers of people with memory problems who have gone missing phone into a central call centre. The Call Centre send out a request to all volunteers in the immediate area too see if they are available. If they are not, they text No; if they are, they receive a photograph and description and directions of where to search.They keep in touch with the Call Centre and can join or leave the search at any time. Maximum time for any search is 2.5 hours, after which the Police take over.

If you would like further details please let me know:

The Norton Neighbourhood Watch Distribution List   is useful for sharing other matters of interest to villagers. I would urge anyone not yet on the List to email  with their details so they can take advantage of this facility. The List is not made available to outside sources so you will not be bothered by spam or other intrusions. You will only receive emails of interest to Nortonians.