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Parish Council Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure adopted 15th December 2008

1. Complaint must be made in writing to the Clerk or, if complainant prefers to the Chairman or other Councillor.

2. If Councillor received complaint, copy of complaint to be forwarded to the Clerk.

3. Clerk to:

i. add complaint to "list of correspondence received" for next Parish Council meeting,

ii. acknowledge receipt of complaint in writing to complainant within 7 days of receipt,

iii. add acknowledgement of receipt of complaint to "list of correspondence sent" for next Parish Council meeting,

iv. copy complaint to all Councillors (email or hard copy).

4. Complaints Working Party consisting of a minimum of any three Councillors to review complaint:

i. determine if the complaint should be classified as "Confidential"

ii. if necessary, contact complainant for clarification of any matters relating to complaint,

iii. if necessary, request Clerk to add complaint as a separate agenda item to next Parish Council meeting,

iv. draft response to complainant,

v. distribute draft response to complainant to all other councillors (email or hard copy) for comment, along with request, if necessary, to ratify classification of "Confidential" and the substantiating reason why,

vi. collate all comments from Councillors and formalise response.

5. At the next Parish Council Meeting:

i. if there is consensual agreement that the complaint is confidential in nature, then a resolution to be proposed that the details of the complaint and response not be made public knowledge and not to be available under the Freedom Of Information policy,

ii. the proposed response from the Complaints Working Party to be finalised and approved by resolution or

iii. if Complaints Working Party has not yet formalised a response agree the basis of the response by resolution for the Complaints Working Party to formalise later but letter only sent once reviewed by all available councillors (via email or hard copy)

iv. only if any councillor requests, complaint and response to be read out during Parish Council meeting.

6. Clerk (or Councillor if Clerk not available) to send out response to complainant within seven working days of approval.

7. If complainant is not satisfied with response, complainant to be provided with details of how to contact the Standards Committee at Daventry District Council.

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