Antiquities discovered in Norton Northamptonshire

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Mosaic floor pattern from one of the floors in a Roman Villa on Borough Hill overlooking Norton


Borough Hill Roman villa is located on the north tip of Borough Hill, a prominent hill near the town of Daventry in Northamptonshire. The villa’s remains lie within the ramparts of an Iron Age fortress which covers the summit of the hill. The remains of the Roman villa were discovered in 1823 by the historian and archaeologist George Baker, who identified Borough Hill with the Benaventa of the Britons and Isannavaria of the Romans. The remains were not fully excavated until 1852 when local historian Beriah Botfield thoroughly excavated and recorded the site. Botfield employed an artist to make drawings of the site and these illustrations along with Botfield's notes, manuscripts and some of the antiquities found on the site are now kept at the British Museum.


All items recovered by us which are Medieval or earlier are recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) details of which are held on their National database for the benefit of all. In order that our own database is as accurate and detailed as possible, details of the PAS assessment of a number of our items have been included under the item description. We are grateful to have the use of this information. Should you require any further information, this can be obtained by using the PAS reference, which is prefixed 'NARC-' with the majority of our listings, which should be placed in the 'Find Number' section of the search box on the PAS database


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Roman bronze mount
Circa 43-410 AD


Celtic Gold Quarter
1st century BC

Medieval bronze candle holder
Circa 1300 AD

Roman nail cleaner
50-200 AD

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